About Us

Probably the UK's most up to date and comprehensive UK funding information service

Grants Online was established in 2001 and has grown to become one of the UK's comprehensive and up to date information resources for organisations looking for grant funding.

With nearly 5,000 funding schemes available within the UK, there's a lot of information to keep on top of. Grants Online is trusted by hundreds of organisations to keep them up to date with the latest funding opportunities. By providing up to date grant funding information, alerts and newsletters, we help your organisation to maximise your funding potential - no opportunities missed, and more time to write your applications.

The Grants Online difference

There are other grant funding information services available - and yes, some of them are free. So why should you pick Grants Online to help you find grant funding?  

  • Daily updates to our comprehensive grants database.
    Unlike other services, we update our grants directory on a daily basis, to ensure that you get access to the most relevant and current grant funding information. Each week Grants Online examines and analyses over a thousand funders' websites to identify and highlight new funding opportunities. With time being a significant factor in the application process, can you afford to wait for your grants database to be updated when a new opportunity arises?
  • Email alerts
    In addition to regularly updating the database, we make sure you're the first to know about new UK grant funding opportunities and calls for proposals - by issuing email alerts as soon as a new information is added to our database.  Direct to your inbox, our email alerts ensure you have the most time to write your proposal or application.
  • "Funding Insight" Newsletter
    Imagine if you could get a weekly summary of the latest grant funding news and opportunities, including the 20-30 new opportunities that are added each week. Our weekly "Funding Insight" Newsletter summarises the latest grant funding opportunities to have featured on the Grants Online website. Delivered weekly to your inbox, the newsletter highlights new sources of grant funding, new call for proposals and any new application deadlines.
  • Powerful search tool
    Match your project against existing grant schemes in our extensive grants database using our advanced search tool.