Never Miss Another Funding Opportunity

As anyone who has been responsible for making grant applications will be aware that one of the key constraints to making a successful application for grants are short application deadlines.

One of the key aims of the Grants Online web site is to ensure that you become aware of funding opportunities at the earliest possible moment. Thereby giving you the longest possible time to complete your grant application and ultimately the greatest chance of success.

Applying for grants is a competitive process with time being one of the key competitive factors in the application process. Each week Grants Online examines and analyses over a thousand funders websites to identy and highlight new funding opportunities.

To give you this competitive advantage the Grants Online web site has at its core the Latest Funding News section. This provides information on the most recent calls for proposals and invitations for applications. This section is updated almost on a daily basis.

In addition Grants Online provides region specific information on funding opportunities. Simply click on to the relevant region on the UK map at the top right hand corner of the screen. This will then display funding news that is specific to that particular region.

The Grants Online web site also features a "More Funding Opportunities" section. This contains information on funding programmes that are currently inviting applications. The "More Funding Opportunities" section provides a short summary of what funding is available, the closing date for the application and a direct link to the funding organisations web site.

In addition, you can register for our Email Alert service. Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you everytime the Grants Online website has been updated with a new funding opportunity.