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How our service can help you find grant funding

Grant funding can be critical in getting your project off the ground.  With new grants continuously being introduced, it can be very tricky to be sure that you're not missing out on valuable funding opportunities.  As anyone who has been responsible for making grant applications knows, one of the key difficulties with making successful applications for grants are the short application deadlines.

Grants Online is a funding information service which provides you with all the tools you need to find grant funding for your project or organisation.  We aim to ensure you never miss another funding opportunity.  Our database of European and UK grants is updated on a daily basis with new, relevant and detailed grants & funding information. One of the key aims of the Grants Online website is to ensure that you become aware of UK funding opportunities at the earliest possible moment: giving you the longest possible time to complete your grant application and ultimately the greatest chance of success.

Here's how:

Latest funding news

Updated daily and filterable by region and category, our latest news provides information on new grant funding as it happens. We work hard to ensure that the latest UK grant funding opportunities are posted to our news section as soon as they are announced, giving you the maximum amount of time to get that all-important application completed.

Email alerts

If you don't want to log in and search the grants directory, you don't need to. We send out email alerts to subscribed members whenever the Grants Online website is updated with new grant funding opportunities. And because you can select categories and regions you can ensure you only see information to find grant funding that's applicable to you.

Members area screenshot showing email alerts

"Funding Insight" Newsletter

Our weekly "Funding Insight" Newsletter summarises the latest funding opportunities to have featured on the Grants Online website.  The Newsletter highlights new sources of grant funding, new call for proposals and any new application deadlines.  The Newsletter is sent to our subscribers by email.  Each week, Grants Online is updated with 20 to 30 new funding opportunities from the European Union, UK Government, the Lottery and Grant Making Trusts.

Full grants directory

Browse our grants directory by location, funders or category - or use our powerful grants finder search...

Advanced grant finder search function

Filter by region, category, funding agency or organisation and funding type to find grant funding. Search by all criteria for a really granular results or by just one criteria (e.g region) to bring back more grant opportunity options.

Grant shortlisting

Once you've found some grants that are of interest, Grants Online allows you to save them to refer back to later. Grants can be added to your own personal shortlist, and removed again when they are no longer relevant, so the list stays current and useful.

Save searches

Don't waste time putting in the same criteria to query the grants directory over and over again - Grants Online lets you save your searches for future use, ensuring you can find UK funding opportunities at the click of a button.

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